Here you have a unique chance to preview their debut Album, LOVING AQUARIUS.

Vibraphone, synthesizer, vocals, bass and drums. Meet the hypnotizing dreamy worlds of Sound. A style of its own, “progressive synthpop” : MAHA PUDMA.

Four friends and musicians from three different corners. Turkish and Polish roots carried and melted in the south of Germany and embodied in Maha Pudma established a multicultural roof for their listeners and possibly – for themselves. The band, which knows each other with their differences and lives by reflecting this on their productions, is building their new borderless home with this multicultural music,  created by combining northern and southern sounds. Reflecting the beauty and madness of the present world in their compositions, merging different aesthetics influenced by many styles and cultures that those musicians were exposed to. 

It is possible to encounter many styles in Maha Pudma, from minimal to rock, from Turkish folk music to jazz. With the social themes it handles and the positive approach it carries which is in its dna, Maha Pudma presents its listeners with what she calls “imaginary worlds of unity”.A modern fusion of pop, experimental rock, minimal and world music.

Dreamy Again.

‘Maha Pudma is one of the most interesting phenomena of the diverse Mannheim music scene.‘ 
Planet Ears Festival, Thilo Eichhorn


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